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This article is about dwarven kingdom. For the in-game reputation faction, see Ironforge (faction). For the kingdom from the Warcraft film universe, see Kingdom of Ironforge (film universe).
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The Kingdom of Ironforge[1] (aka Ironforge,[2][3] the kingdom of Ironforge, the Kingdom of Khaz Modan,[4] the kingdom of Khaz Modan[5][6]) is the major government of the dwarves on the continent of Khaz Modan. Being a senatorial monarchy, it's now reigned by the Council of Three Hammers, composed of one member from each clan, until the heir Dagran Thaurissan II is old enough. The kingdom also has its own treasury.

The dwarven kingdom was founded after the awakened dwarves ventured out from the ancient city of Uldaman.


War of the Three Hammers

In former times, the Kingdom, led by the Anvilmar family, ruled over the three big dwarven clans Bronzebeard, Wildhammer and Dark Iron clan. After the death of Modimus Anvilmar, the tensions between the clans erupted in a civil war, called the War of the Three Hammers. The Bronzebeards emerged victorious due to owning the largest, best equipped army, and banished the other clans from Ironforge, which founded their own kingdoms.

The later attempt to seize Ironforge by the Dark Irons was repelled by the Bronzebeards and Wildhammer together, but even as Grim Batol, the home of the Wildhammers, was now uninhabitable, they declined the offer to return to Ironforge.

Meeting the humans

They encountered the humans, perhaps their most important allies, ca. 1800 years before the First War and at the same time the high elves as the elves and humans were already allies.[7] Gilneas and Alterac, strong supporters of Strom and the Arathor Empire, had developed mighty armies that explored the mountainous southern lands of Khaz Modan. It was during this period that humans first met the ancient race of dwarves and traveled to their cavernous subterranean city of Ironforge. The humans and dwarves shared many secrets of metal-smithing and engineering and discovered a common love for battle and storytelling.[8]

Second War

Pledged to the human Alliance, the dwarves of Ironforge fought against the orcs during the Second War. Although the Horde pushed into Khaz Modan, laying waste to Loch Modan and the Wetlands and turning the Thandol Span into a constant battleground, they couldn't breach the capital city in the Siege of Ironforge and were defeated completely by Lothar's counterattack.

In the aftermath of the war, the Alliance began fracturing and some of its members seceded from the Alliance. King Magni Bronzebeard, who vowed that the dwarves of Ironforge would forever owe a debt of honor to the Alliance for liberating Khaz Modan from the Horde's control, remained a staunch supporter of the Alliance.[9]

With the collapse of the Alliance of Lordaeron, the kingdom remained an ally of the modern Alliance and participated in their battles,[10] calling this state that Ironforge Reserve was called to the Alliance Front.[11]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

When freak natural disasters began rocking much of Azeroth just prior to the Cataclysm, the dwarven lands were not spared from the calamitous upheavals. A series of violent quakes tore through areas surrounding Ironforge, reducing settlements to rubble and taking the lives of many innocent dwarves in the process. To glean answers as to the troubling state of the world, King Magni selflessly underwent a mystic ritual to commune with the earth. The archaic ceremony, however, had an unexpected effect: Magni was transformed into diamond and became fused to the depths of Ironforge itself.

In the power vacuum that followed, his estranged daughter, Moira, who had married into the much despised Dark Iron clan, briefly claimed Ironforge’s throne and effectively locked down the city. If not for the intervention of King Varian Wrynn of Stormwind and his son, Prince Anduin, her brash actions might have sparked another civil war. With Varian’s guidance, control of Ironforge has since been divided equally among the Bronzebeard, Wildhammer, and Dark Iron clans through the Council of Three Hammers. Yet as bitterness and prejudice fester among the clans, the council’s ability to govern as one remains uncertain.

The representatives of each dwarven clan in the council is:

Territory and outposts of Ironforge

Khaz Modan

  • Ironforge - Total control; The capital of the kingdom. Considered both a part of Dun Morogh, but also a region north of Dun Morogh.
  • Gnomeregan - Gnome controlled; The grand techno city of the Gnomeregan (faction). Although the city itself is not controlled by the dwarves, the gnomes have for the longest time been allied with their Dwarven neighbors and it is presumed that they are part of their Kingdom all the same due to their heritage and very strong friendship. Currently the majority of the city is not under gnome control but slowly they are re-taking their wondrous city. The gnomes of Gnomeregan have their own democracy and leader.
  • Dun Morogh - Alliance; The snowy mountainous home of the Bronzebeard clan and the gnomes of Gnomeregan. While mostly under the control of the Council of Three Hammers, the gnomes control a small portion of western Dun Morogh. The town of Kharanos is this regions main hub.
  • Loch Modan - Alliance; The Kingdom's central geographical region. Before the Cataclysm, the area was very beautiful and contained one of Azeroth's most breathtaking structures the Stonewrought Dam. Now after the great shattering of the world the Dam is destroyed and most of the loch has been drained. The town of Thelsamar is this regions main hub.
  • Wetlands - Alliance; The marshy waterlogged land has been the sight of many historic battles in Khaz Modan's past. Since the Second War, the Dragonmaw orcs have been a nuisance in the area but are easily kept at bay. Although there are a few towns and outposts in the area that have not yet been reclaimed by the Kingdom, new one's have started to spring up with the night elves moving into the area to assist the dwarves. The seaside town of Menethil Harbor is a part of the dwarven kingdom.[12]
  • Badlands - Contested; Although the region is part of Khaz Modan and technically falls under the Kingdoms jurisdiction, the area is currently too dangerous to begin settling. The Horde military presence in the region has been crippled due to the Cataclysm and the Black dragonflight but members of the Horde Reliquary have moved in trying to take dwarven artifacts. The Alliance has began to assert itself in the area by establishing the Dragon's Mouth but it still has a way to go.
  • Searing Gorge - Contested; The region itself does fall under the Kingdoms jurisdiction but it has no military presence in the area what so ever. The neutral organization of the Thorium Brotherhood seems to have become the only faction that operates in the area that the Kingdom is allied with.
  • Twilight Highlands - Contested; With the Wildhammer clan joining the Alliance and therefore being part of the alliance between the three dwarven clans, this land being the original home of the Wildhammer and still is does technically now make it part of the Kingdom of Ironforge. This land however is completely war-torn with the Twilight's Hammer setting up their base here, the Horde trying to invade and the Alliance simply trying to claim the land that by right is now theirs. The fortress town of Highbank is the main Alliance hub in the area but the main dwarven hub of the Kingdom in this area is Thundermar.

Notable leaders

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