Ironforge Rations

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  • Ironforge Rations
  • Quest Item
  • Use: Offer a ration of beer and haggis to an Ironforge Guard
  • Cooldown: 1 Second
  • "Contains haggis and beer, the lunch of champions for over 1000 years."
This dwarven recipe contains a beautiful pairing of haggis and beer, which has been the lunch of champions for over a thousand years. Simple, entirely satisfying, and perfect for when you need a quick meal on indefinite guard duty.[1]


Provided by Daryl Riknussun in Ironforge for the cooking daily A [120 Daily] A Round for the Guards.


Offering a ration to an Ironforge Guard applies the Well Fed buff:

Inv misc food 117 heartysoup.png
  • Well Fed
  • Full o' beer and haggis, as every dwarf should be!
  • Duration: 2 minutes

This prevents players from offering more than one ration to a guard.

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