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The Ironman Challenge is a popular challenge of gameplay where one must make a character in very unusual circumstances. It has become quite popular and is subject to much discussion on the public forums. It consists of armor, weapon, addon, specialization, potion and food regulations. Most importantly, death is prohibited, lest you restart at level one.


  1. All gear employed must be White or Grey. Also, no Heirlooms of any sort.
  2. No transfer of gear, items, or money from any other character (yours or others).
  3. No gear enhancement(s), thus no socketed gems, enchanting or reforging. Exceptions exist for class abilities (example: rogue poisons).
  4. No specializations, talent points, or glyphs. This restriction also applies to talent points for pets.
  5. No professions or secondary skills. An exception is made for First Aid.
  6. No potions/flasks/elixirs (except those labeled as quest items).
  7. No food buffs or other external buffs (this includes buffs from items and other players).
  8. No grouping or assistance from other characters, even if not grouped.
  9. No dungeons/raids. No battlegrounds/arenas.
  10. No guilds. An exception is made for Iron Man guilds. No guild perks.
  11. No Recruit-A-Friend activities. The intention of the challenge is that it be done without assistance.
  12. No add-ons that assist in combat and/or leveling.
  13. THE BIG ONE: No deaths. Character death for any reason disqualifies the character.


  • All mounts
  • All bags/containers
  • All quests (including holiday and daily quests)
  • You may train and use all your class skills (including your own buffs)

Challenge met

Octavian, using a troll hunter by the name of Kripparrian on the Turalyon realm was the first person to complete this challenge from level 1 to 85.

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