Ironweave Battlesuit

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Ironweave Battlesuit is a cloth instance set.


Some of the listed bosses are only summonable by someone who is on or has completed the Dungeon Set 2-Questline.

Item Dropped by Found in Note
[Ironweave Bracers] Halycon Blackrock Spire
[Ironweave Belt] Mor Grayhoof Blackrock Spire
[Ironweave Gloves] Isalien Dire Maul
[Ironweave Boots] The Beast Blackrock Spire Removed in patch 6.0.2
[Ironweave Mantle] Theldren Blackrock Depths
[Ironweave Pants] Kormok Scholomance Removed in patch 5.0.4
[Ironweave Cowl] Lord Valthalak Blackrock Spire Removed in patch 6.0.2
[Ironweave Robe] Jarien and Sothos Stratholme Removed in patch 4.0.3a



Ironweave Battlesuit

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