Irradiated Worker

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NeutralIrradiated Worker
Image of Irradiated Worker
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 62
Location Netherstorm

Irradiated Worker can be found in Netherstorm. They work in the radioactive rift the goblins in Area 52 made through their town. When a group is done, they will go to Ravandwyr for a magic show, and then to the inn for a drink where they will despawn in the doorway.


Irradiated Workers (in old gnome form)
  • Like Lead Sapper Blastfizzle and Crash Bigbomb, the workers originally had a gnome model under their suit due to the inability of the vanilla goblin models to wear that kind of equipment. Patch 2.3.0 updated the goblin models to support more equipment but their ears were still sticking out of their helmets, and with Patch 4.0.3a they are now using the updated goblin player models.


  • Another long day in the trenches over with at last! Maybe the magic show will take away some of the afterglow...
  • Show us a trick, Ravandwyr!
  • My eyebrows! You singed my eyebrows!
  • Don't worry. It's an improvement!
  • That was the best trick ever! Ok, boys, let's go get a drink.
  • I have another reading from the nether. (Project Blue Book)

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