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Isolated Victory

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HordeIsolated Victory



110 - 120 (Requires 110)






Repel the Alliance forces assaulting Vol'dun.


Alliance forces are pushing deeper into Vol'dun. We can not allow this aggression to go unchecked!


You will receive:

You will receive:
Inv misc chest azerite.png [Azerite Armor Cache] Inv bfa paragoncache honorbound.png [Honorbound Equipment Cache]
Inv misc questionmark.png 5x Honorbound Service Medal


The vulpera appreciate the Horde's protection here. I didn't realize the Alliance could be so... relentless.


On behalf of all the denizens of Vol'dun, thank you for your help in pushing back the Alliance invaders.

The people here have suffered enough threats without the Alliance adding to the list.

We will not forget the Horde's sacrifice here, nor yours.


Upon accept
High Warlord Cromush says: We did not expect the Alliance to push into Vol'dun. Contain their soldiers before they spread too far. Then we'll deal with the root of the problem.
After completing the world quests
High Warlord Cromush says: Lok-narash! The Alliance has brought in an airship to reinforce their encampment on the northern shore. Bring it down!
Meet up with Lasan
Lasan Skyhorn says: When you are ready, champion, Aviash will carry you to meet this threat.
Lasan Skyhorn says: Be calm, Aviash. <Name> is one of our allies.
Lasan Skyhorn says: There's the airship, just ahead! I'll rain death from above while you tear it apart from the inside!

To fill up the bar,

After blowing up the Alliance Airship
Lasan Skyhorn says: The Alliance will think twice before launching their next air raid. The skies belong to the Horde!

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