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NeutralIsraen of the Kirin Tor
No image available
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Class Mage
Affiliation(s) Kirin Tor
Status Deceased

Israen was a member of the Kirin Tor who set out to find the destructive staff called Light's Wrath.


After witnessing much of the destruction left in the staff's wake while it was in the possession of both the fanatical Scarlet Crusade and a Horde priest named Jakhar, Israen managed to track the weapon to the Twilight's Hammer cult, who were planning to transform the holy staff into a weapon of pure darkness. He stormed the Twilight's Hammer encampment just before the cultists completed their ritual and dealt with them with little difficulty. He then sent a message to the Kirin Tor to expect him in Dalaran shortly with Light's Wrath.

However, according to an untitled missive from the Kirin Tor's archives written by an unnamed author, Israen perished shortly afterwards, having inadvertently triggered an explosion of holy energy while casting a spell to lock the staff in a protective shield for transport to Dalaran. The author goes to on to say that they knew that Israen's death would come as a shock, as he was always an attentive and calculating man who knew more about Light's Wrath than anyone else, but that perhaps that had made him careless. After Israen's death, the Kirin Tor took precautions to prevent anyone from repeating his mistake, with seven magi sealing Light's Wrath in dampening runes before depositing it in the Nexus Vault.[1]