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Items contain a number of properties. Some of these are viewable in the item's tooltip, while others are internal. Item properties include:

  • Name? All items have a name. Some names include a random item suffix.
  • Icon? All items have an icon that represents the icon in the player's inventory. Icons are often reused for different items.
  • Quality? An item's quality is represented by the text color of the item name.
  • Stackable? If an item is stackable, the current stack size is displayed as a small white number in the item's icon. All items have a stack limit.
  • Item level? The item level reflects the item's usefulness and its level requirements (e.g. "Item Level 245").
  • Level? Some items require the player to be a certain level before they can be used or equipped (e.g. "Requires Level 80").
  • Race? Some items can only be used by certain races (e.g. "Races: Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Blood Elf").
  • Class? Some items can only be used by certain classes (e.g. "Classes: Priest, Mage, Warlock, Druid").
  • Binding? Items can be Bind on Equip, Bind on Pickup, Bind on Use, Bind to Account, or have no binding restrictions. Quest Items are also a type of binding.
  • Quest item? Some items are classified as a Quest Item in the tooltip.
  • Starts quest? Some items say "This Item Begins a Quest" and do just that when right clicked.
  • Conjured? Conjured Items are temporary and disappear when the player logs out for more than 15 minutes.
  • Heroic? Gear acquired from heroic raid bosses will display "Heroic" in green in the tooltip.
  • Unique? Some items are unique, which means only a certain number of them can be in a player's inventory at one time (e.g. "Unique" for one, "Unique (24)" for 24).
  • Unique-equipped? Some weapons, rings, trinkets, and gems are unique-equipped, which means a limited number can be equipped at one time.
  • Charges? Some items have charges, the number of uses available before the item disappears (e.g. "5 Charges").
  • Duration? Some items are limited in duration and will disappear when the time is up (e.g. "Duration: 7 days").
  • Sockets? Some items contain sockets that players can fill with gems. Blacksmithing can add extra sockets to certain items.
  • Skill? Some items require a certain skill level to be used (e.g. "Requires Engineering (350)").
  • Locked? Some items are locked and can only be opened with lockpicking.
  • Lootable? Some items are lootable containers that have <Right click to open> or similar in the tooltip.
  • Durability? Some pieces of gear have a durability value which lowers when the player dies (e.g. "Durability 64 / 75").
  • Armor? Armor items have an armor value (e.g. "1607 Armor"). Bonus Armor is displayed in green in the tooltip.
  • Weapon? Weapons may indicate the slot type (e.g. "One-Hand"), the weapon speed (e.g. "Speed 1.30"), and the damage (e.g. "41 - 78 Damage (45.8 damage per second)").
  • Gear type? The type of gear will be displayed in the tooltip (e.g. "Dagger" or "Leather").
  • Stats? The main stats on gear will be displayed in white (e.g. "+22 Intellect"). Secondary stats may also be displayed in green (e.g. "+31 Haste").
  • Procs? Some items have special effects that can proc (e.g. "Chance on hit: Blasts a target for 40 to 56 Fire damage").
  • Functions? Some items will have a use function (e.g. "Use: Heal yourself for 450 to 550. (5 Min Cooldown)").
  • Set? If a piece of gear is part of a set, the set requirements and the status of the set bonus will be displayed in the tooltip.
  • Enchanted? Enchanted pieces will display the enchantment in green in the tooltip.
  • Sell price? Some items can be sold to vendors for money (e.g. "Sell Price: 10g 24s 51c").
  • Flavor? A small number of items contain flavor text, an often silly quote displayed in orange in the tooltip.
  • Event? Some items require a world event to be active in order to be used (e.g. "Requires Hallow's End").
  • Reputation? Some items require the player to have a certain reputation with a faction in order to be used (e.g. "Requires Kirin Tor - Exalted").