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Ix'lar the Underlord

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CombatIx'lar the Underlord
Image of Ix'lar the Underlord
Gender Male
Race Crypt lord (Undead)
Level 43
Health 3,432
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Himself; Scourge (formerly)
Location Eastern Plaguelands

Ix'lar the Underlord is a crypt lord. He has been trying trying to make a name for himself since the Lich King was slain, and has set up a camp of undead to the north of the Eastwall Tower in the Eastern Plaguelands.


  • Summon Carrion Scarab
  • Blinding Swarm: A swarm of insects that inflicts 263 to 337 Nature damage to targets standing in the swarm. Chance to hit reduced by 75% while standing in the swarm.
  • Mandible Crush: Crushes your target, inflicting 150% melee damage.


Ix'lar the Underlord yells: The Scourge will rise again, under a dark new master... Ix'lar!

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