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For the man named John who married Janice Felstone, see Jabbering Ghoul.

HordeJohn Felstone
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Gender Male
Race Forsaken
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Desolate Council
Former affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lordaeron
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Emma Felstone & Jem (parents), Jem & Jake (brothers), Janice (aunt), Jeremiah Felstone & John (uncles)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

John "Jack" Felstone was a son of Emma Felstone and Jem. All three were warriors of Lordaeron, acting as guards to King Terenas Menethil. They died along with their king and the kingdom during the Third War. They were raised into undeath and became Forsaken in service of Sylvanas Windrunner.[1]

He was killed by Sylvanas' dark rangers as he fled, defecting towards Stromgarde Keep during the Gathering.[2] He was later buried in Arathi alongside his brothers.


  • His full name is not mentioned in Before the Storm. It appears only on his in-game tombstone.
  • His tombstone carries the epitaph, "Devoted Son and Brother".[3]