Jailbreak (quest)

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Slingtail Fishripper
Start Bold Karasshi [54.2, 82.4]
End Bold Karasshi [59.0, 81.7]
Level 86 (Requires 85)
Category Jade Forest
Experience 55000
Reputation +1000 Pearlfin Jinyu
Rewards 4g 90s
Previous A [86] Kung Din
Next A [86] The Pearlfin Situation, A [86] Road Rations


Taylor and Karasshi at Pearlfin Village

Kill 10 Slingtail Fishrippers.


Without healing, your friend Taylor will die. My village is just east of here, in the middle of the large lake.

I will take Taylor myself, but the fighting is most dangerous in that direction.

I need you to help clear a path through the hozen, so that I may run safely into my village.

Can you do this?


You will receive: 4g 90s


Our conflict with the hozen goes back many generations.


Thank you, <name>. Because of you we were able to make it here safely.



On accept:

Karasshi jumps from his cage to Taylor's, freeing Taylor and putting him on Karasshi's back.
Bold Karasshi says: My people do not like strangers, but I owe you this much. May the elders not punish me for this deed.
Bold Karasshi says: We are going to pass through a fierce battle, <name>. You must engage the hozen while I run through. If all goes well, I will meet you at my village.

Karasshi lifts Taylor on to his back and sprints through the conflict to Pearlfin Village. Kill the quota of fishrippers and follow Karasshi. He can be found on the far side of the island. Pick up the flight path on the way in to town.

On complete:

Bold Karasshi says: Wait, I sense the presence of intruders. Is it hozen? Show yourselves!
Sully, Mishka and Rell have been stealthing towards Taylor, but drop out of stealth when called out with their weapons drawn.
Sully "The Pickle" McLeary says: What have you done to our Admiral?
Bold Karasshi says: I have done nothing. This is the work of the Slingtail chief, Gukgut.
Mishka says: You think we can believe him, Commander?
Rell Nightwind says: We have no other choice. Put down your weapon, warrior, and we will put down ours.
Bold Karasshi says: Slowly then.
All four slowly put their weapons away.
Bold Karasshi says: We are not in the habit of welcoming outsiders into our village.
Bold Karasshi says: You may stay only until Taylor is well. But then, you must leave.
Bold Karasshi says: We will be watching you.

Rell and Karasshi offer quests upon conclusion of the conversation.


  1. A [86] The Missing Admiral
  2. A [86] The Path of War & A [86] Freeing Our Brothers & A [86] Ancient Power
  3. A [86] Kung Din
  4. A [86] Jailbreak
  5. A [86] The Pearlfin Situation & A [86] Road Rations
  6. A [86] Family Heirlooms & A [86] The Elder's Instruments
  7. A [86] Spirits of the Water

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