James Deacon

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AllianceJames Deacon
Image of James Deacon
Title <Innkeeper>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 69
Affiliation(s) Valiance Expedition
Location Valiant Rest, Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra
Status Alive

James Deacon is a level 69 human innkeeper of the Valiant Rest, at Valiance Keep in Borean Tundra.



Inv misc food 100 hardcheese.png [Briny Hardcheese]
1g 60s
Inv misc food 102 flatbread.png [Crusty Flatbread]
Inv drink 25 honeytea.png [Honeymint Tea]
1g 10s
Inv drink 24 sealwhey.png [Pungent Seal Whey]
Inv misc food 105 snowplum.png [Savory Snowplum]
1g 60s
Inv misc food 101 sourcheese.png [Sour Goat Cheese]
Inv misc food 103 potatobread.png [Sweet Potato Bread]
1g 60s
Inv drink 26 goatsmilk.png [Sweetened Goat's Milk]
Inv misc food 104 tundraberries.png [Tundra Berries]


Can I get you anything? My selection is a little limited, but that's to be expected... all things considered.

Gossip Make this inn your home.
Gossip Let me browse your goods.

Footman Rob says: One last drink before we head to the front?
Footman George says: Sure, why not?
Footman Rob says: Barkeep! Bring out your strongest ale! We're off to the front.
James Deacon says: You lads know the drill. No alcohol to servicemen on duty. You want the general to kill me himself?
Footman Rob says: You'll surely make an exception for us, eh? We might not come back.
James Deacon says: All right, all right... but you didn't get these from me!
Footman Rob says: I guess that's it then. Off we go.
Footman Chuck says: That was the worst beer I've ever had.
Footman Mitch says: Hey, guys! Wait up!

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