Jammal'an the Prophet (quest)

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NeutralJammal'an the Prophet
Start Lord Itharius
End Lord Itharius
Level 54 (Requires 52)
Type Dungeon
Category Temple of Atal'Hakkar
Experience 5900
Previous N [54D] The Heart of the Temple
Next none


Obtain Jammal'an the Prophet's Head.


Jammal'an the Prophet, leader of the Atal'ai and Hakkari trolls, has obtained a small amount of Hakkar the Soulflayer's blood. They are injecting it into the green dragons to use their bodies to produce the massive quantities of blood necessary to summon Hakkar into our world.

We cannot allow this to come to pass. Slaughter Jammal'an and his priests before they get any further in their efforts!


Were you able to kill Jammal'an? I'll need proof that the deed is done.


Excellent! I suspect that without Jammal'an's leadership, the trolls will fall to infighting and Hakkar will never set his eyes upon our world.


You will receive: 3g 27s

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