Jandvik's Last Hope

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NeutralJandvik's Last Hope

110 (Requires 110)




N [110] Against Their Will, N [110] Breaking Down the Big Guns, N [110] Finding Brytag, N [110] Sunken Foes, N [110] Dry Powder


Meet with Toryl in the Sashj'tar Grotto.


Commander Malt'his was conferring with a sea giant?

Without your help, this village will surely fall to the combined forces of the Sashj'tar and the sea giants.

<Toryl stands there quietly for a moment.>

Meet me in an underground cave out in Azuregale Bay.

I want to show you something that may turn the tide in this battle.


Toryl says: Without me, Jandvik will stand no chance in this battle. Come quickly!
She runs down towards the bay and despawns.


You will receive: 19g 40s
Inv 6 2raid necklace 2a.png [Jandvik Jarl's Pendant Stone]


In the grotto, Toryl is waiting for you... with another Toryl? The second Toryl is in a naga cage, while Kell lies nearby, barely alive. On approach, the caged Toryl notices you.
Toryl yells: Watch out! This is an imposter!

I am so glad that you followed me here, <name>. I was afraid that you may have stumbled upon my plans.

Gossip What's going on here, Toryl?

Toryl says: I ssshould thank you for doing my dirty work, <name>. But now you are proving too troublesome to keep alive.
'Toryl' reveals herself as the Naga sea witch Tidemistress Sashj'tar and attacks!
Tidemistress Sashj'tar says: You will die in the name of the Sashj'tar!
Toryl yells: Jandvik will never fall to your vile naga! Never!
Tidemistress Sashj'tar says: Without its leaders, I will easily destroy Jandvik from within!
Tidemistress Sashj'tar says: My naga will wash over Jandvik in a tidal wave of destruction!
Low health
Tidemistress Sashj'tar says: Enough!
Tidemistress Sashj'tar casts Shriek of the Tidemistress, stunning you for 15 seconds.
Tidemistress Sashj'tar says: You will never ssstop usss. Jandvik will fall!
Tidemistress Sashj'tar flees to the water and swims off.
Toryl yells: Get me out of this cage!


I do not know who you are, but I must thank you.





  1. N [110] Removing Obstacles
  2. N [110] Jarl Come Back Now
  3. N [110] Beach Bonfire & N [110] Band of Blood Brothers & N [110] Bite of the Sashj'tar
  4. N [110] Fisherman's Tonic
  5. N [110] Testing the Waters
  6. N [110] Jandvik's Last Hope
  7. Complete all of:
  8. N [110] Turning the Tidemistress & N [110] Shatter the Sashj'tar & N [110] Squid Out of Water

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