Jeremy Feasel (NPC)

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For this NPC's namesake, see Jeremy Feasel.
NeutralJeremy Feasel
Image of Jeremy Feasel
Title <Master Pet Tamer>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 55
Health 5,228
Affiliation(s) Darkmoon Faire
Location Darkmoon Faire, Darkmoon Island [47.8, 62.7]
Status Alive
Darkmoon Faire icon.png

The subject of this article or section is part of Darkmoon Faire, an ongoing event that lasts one week. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available until next month.

Jeremy Feasel is a master Pet Tamer located at the Darkmoon Faire on Darkmoon Island, which is only available during the monthly Darkmoon Faire event. He is surrounded by his three level 25 battle pets: Fezwick, Honky-Tonk, and Judgment.


Main article: Darkmoon Pet Battle! § Strategy
Beast Fezwick
[Banana Barrage]
Mechanical Honky-Tonk
[Shock and Awe]
Magic Judgment
[Focused Beams]
[Darkmoon Curse]



  • Jeremy Feasel says: Tamers! Can YOUR pets best a team of the Faire's Finest?
  • Jeremy Feasel says: Put your pets to the test, and challenge the best!
  • Jeremy Feasel says: A challenge to tamers, big and small! Can you battle my pets, and best them all?


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