Jezelle Pruitt

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HordeJezelle Pruitt
Image of Jezelle Pruitt
Gender Female
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 40
Class Warlock
Health 1,753
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Undercity
Location Magic Quarter, Undercity[78.2, 13.8]
Status Active

Jezelle Pruitt is a Forsaken warlock located in the Magic Quarter of the Undercity, where she runs a lesson about demon summoning for her students Victor Bartholomew, Winifred Kerwin, and Adrian Bartlett. Despite being a warlock, she has no mana, but still summons demons.

During the Fourth War, the Forsaken took control of the dwarf ghosts at Dun Garok. Alliance champions were sent to purge the fortress and encountered Jezelle there.[1]

Objective of


Jezelle Pruitt says: If you're here, then it means you are prepared to begin this study of summoning demonic cohorts to do your bidding. We will start with the lowliest creatures you will be able to call and continue from there. Let us begin.
Jezelle Pruitt says: The easiest creature for you to summon is the imp. You should already be able to bring forth this minion but for completeness' sake I will start with him.
Jezelle summons an imp.
Jezelle Pruitt says: This foul little beast is the imp. It is small and weak, making it almost useless as a meatshield, and its damage output is mediocre at best. This creature is best used for support of a larger group.
Jezelle Pruitt says: Now that you have had a chance to study the imp, let us move on the next minion you will be able to summon, the voidwalker.
The imp disappears. Jezelle summons a voidwalker.
Jezelle Pruitt says: This demonic entity is known as the Voidwalker. Its strength and endurance are significant, making it ideal for defense. Send it to attack your enemy, then use a shield while you use your spells and abilities to drain away your opponent's life.
Jezelle Pruitt says: If you've never seen one, it is a sight to behold. A very impressive creature both on and off the field of battle. Next, let us take a look at what I am sure all you male students have been waiting for. The succubus.
The voidwalker disappears. Jezelle summons a succubus.
Jezelle Pruitt says: All right now. Aside from the obvious distractions a minion like this will provide against your masculine foes, she is also capable of dealing out impressive amounts of damage. However, her fragile endurance makes her almost useless as a shield.
Jezelle Pruitt says: Study hard and you might one day be able to summon one on your own, but for now it's time to move to the felhunter.
The succubus disappears. Jezelle summons a felhunter.
Jezelle Pruitt says: What you see before you is a felhunter. This creature's natural talents include spell lock and other abilities which make it unequalled when facing a magically attuned opponent.
Jezelle Pruitt says: When facing a spellcaster of any kind, this feral beast will be your best friend. Now, let us take a look at something a bit different. This next creature will aid your travels and make your future journeys much easier. Let's take a look at a felsteed.
The felhunter disappears. Jezelle summons a felsteed.
Jezelle Pruitt says: I doubt you have had much occasion to see such a creature. These demonic equines will make your travels much faster by acting as your mount as long as you control them. However, they are difficult to control, so be sure you are ready before attempting it.
Jezelle Pruitt says: There you have it. Our lesson on summoning has come to an end. A new class will begin shortly, so if you wish to brush up, feel free to stay around.


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