Jiasska the Sporegorger

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MobJiasska the Sporegorger
Image of Jiasska the Sporegorger
Race Hydra (Beast)
Level 97 Rare
Health 275,175
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The South Sea, Spires of Arak [56.4, 94.8]
Pet family Hydra

Jiasska the Sporegorger can be found on the southernmost point of Draenor on the beach below Pinchwhistle Point in Spires of Arak. Around the hydra, seveal dead Infected Bruisers litter the area.

When first killed, Jiasska will drop a  [Fungus-Infected Hydra Lung] along with 20-30 [Garrison Resources].

Tracking quest

To check whether Jiasska has been looted., copy and paste this command into the chat window:

/run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(36306))

If a "true" appears in the chat window, Jiasska has been looted.; "false" indicates the opposite.

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