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Jim Nelson

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Jim Nelson is an artist who contributed artwork for the World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game and Hearthstone.


Through the Dark Portal

Turn Aside TCG Card.JPG Curse of Tongues TCG Card.JPG Samophlange TCG Card.jpg Observer's Shield TCG Card.JPG

Fires of Outland

Freezing Trap TCG Card.jpg

March of the Legion

Retainer Nealos TCG Card.jpg Bloodblade Tarae TCG Card.jpg Bloodeye TCG Card.jpg Wysko TCG Card.jpg

Servants of the Betrayer

Enlightenment.jpg Millhouse Manastorm TCG Card.jpg Seadog Nally tcg.jpg Tatulla the Reclaimer TCG.jpg Shamanistic Dual Wield.jpg Information Gathering TCG Card.jpg

The Hunt for Illidan

Clinging Curse TCG Card.jpg Knock Out TCG Card.jpg Greaves of Desolation TCG Card.jpg Scrapper Ironbane TCG Card Illidan.jpg Circle of Healing TCG Card Illidan.jpg

Drums of War

Tinker Art Seaclock TCG Card.jpg

Blood of Gladiators

Uncatalogued Species TCG Card.jpg

Fields of Honor

Burgle TCG Card.jpg Spelunker Maddocks TCG Card.jpg Dimzer the Prestidigitator TCG Card.jpg


Trixie Boltclunker TCG Card.jpg


Ixiya the Attuned TCG Card.jpg Grumdur Bladebane TCG Card.jpg Planning for the Future TCG Card.jpg


Deliberate Heal TCG Card.jpg Close Quarters Combat TCG Card.jpg

The Caverns of Time

Vorn, Hand of Baine.jpg

Molten Core Treasure

Brutality Blade TCG Card.jpg

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