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Image of Jol'Grum
Title <Snow-Stalking Horror>
Gender Male
Race Yeti (Humanoid)
Level 92 Elite
Health 7,588,656
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Arena of Annihilation

Jol'Grum is a boss found in Arena of Annihilation.


  • Angry-Jol'grum is enraged!

He attacks 100% faster and moves 35% faster for 20 sec.

  • Headbutt-Jol'Grum lashes out with his horns, dealing damage and knocking back enemies in a cone.
  • Ill Tempered-Years of captivity have made Jol'grum ill-tempered when he has to chase his food.
  • Slam-Jol'grum slams the floor of the arena, sending opponents flying.

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