Jonathan Jacobson (NPC)

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For the Blizzard employee and artist, see Jonathan Jacobson.
NeutralJonathan Jacobson
Image of Jonathan Jacobson
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 1,575,764
Affiliation(s) Shado-Pan
Location Serpent's Spine, Valley of the Four Winds
Status Alive

Jonathan Jacobson is a level 90 pandaren member of the Shado-Pan found on top of the Serpent's Spine in Valley of the Four Winds. He is kneeling over the corpse of the Ik'thik Colossus.

Notes and trivia

  • He will occasionally let out a sigh.
  • This NPC is likely named after Jonathan Jacobson, a Senior 3D Artist working on the game.

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