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Image of Jorja
Title <Trade Supplies & Repairs>
Gender Female
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level 120 Elite
Health 1,080,750
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Zandalari Empire
Location Grand Bazaar, Dazar'alor
Status Alive

Jorja is a Zandalari troll located at the Grand Bazaar in Dazar'alor.

Vendor information

Pointer repair on 32x32.png This vendor offers a repair service.

Inv inscription 80 acaciapowder.png [Acacia Powder]
Inv skinning 80 ambertanningoil.png [Amber Tanning Oil]
2s 50c
Trade alchemy dpotion e2.png [Aromatic Fish Oil]
2g 50s
Inv eng chemicalblastingcap.png [Chemical Blasting Cap]
1g 15s
Inv cooking 80 choralhoney.png [Choral Honey]
2g 50s
Inv inscription 80 distilledwater.png [Distilled Water]
2s 50c
Inv misc powder purple.png [Durable Flux]
Inv cooking 80 foosaka.png [Foosaka]
2g 50s
Inv cooking 80 brownpotato.png [Fresh Potato]
2g 50s
Inv offhand 1h draenorchallenge d 01.png [Hypersensitive Azeritometer Sensor]
Inv jewelcrafting delicatecopperwire.png [Insulated Wiring]
Spell misc drink.png [Major's Frothy Coffee]
Inv tailoring 80 nylonthread.png [Nylon Thread]
Inv cooking 80 powderedsugar.png [Powdered Sugar]
2g 50s
Inv cooking 80 wildberries.png [Wild Berries]
2g 50s
Inv cooking 80 wildflour.png [Wild Flour]
2g 50s

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