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  • Journal Page
  • Unique
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • Sell Price: 1c


This item dropped from Athrikus Narassin in Darkshore.


The text is written in Darnassian, making it readable by only Night elves.

Journal Page

It never ceases to amaze me how easily hatred can be used to bend people to your will. The orcs and trolls were easiest, their hatred of the Alliance making them willing subjects to hear the message of the Dark Strand. Do they have any inkling of the greater power they serve?

That infuriating paladin, Delgren the Purifier, has been poking into our affairs in Ashenvale Forest, while his lackey, Balthule, spies on my tower, thinking his presence unknown to me. Delgren believes us a minor threat, just another death cult, perhaps. Little does he know that we are but one of the... strands of the Shadow Council.

As a child, I was once told of an insect whose bite could kill with ease, though it looked nothing more than a fly, a speck barely worthy of recognition. It is the things you dismiss which will hurt you the most, left to fester.

Other races read this:

Journal Page

Al balah shando do shand ni tal ethala ishura fal su thus do alah ethala do thus shar. Dor shar nor belore fulo shan're, ishnu ishura lo dor Thoribas do'rah rini dor'ano thoribas do aman dor anoduna lo dor Shar T'as'e. Ri alah diel tal dor'ano lo dor mush'al turus alah eburi?

Diel fandu'talah aman'ni, Shan're dor Mandalas, tal aman u'phol dieb fal al'shar no Dath'anar Do'Rah. Eburi nor do rah, Il'amore, ishnu su su adore il'amore nor thoribas asto're do ni. Shan're d'ana'no ri o falla neph'o, andu anoduna talah falo. Asto're. Man'ar dieb lo rini diel al tal ash ash lo dor... Shan're lo dor T'as'e Dor'ano.

Da o bandu, o dor alah alah lo ni ethala bandu dath adore dath shar thus. Neph'o al ethala shan're shar alah o nei. O adore belore t'as'e lo fandu'talah. Al ri dor u'phol osa mush'al ishnu shar alaha osa dor thus shar do t'ase'e.

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