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Jungo, Herald of G'huun

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MobJungo, Herald of G'huun
Image of Jungo, Herald of G'huun
Gender Male
Race N'raqi (Aberration)
Level 25-50 Elite
Reaction Horde
Location Nazmir
Status Killable

Jungo, Herald of G'huun is a n'raqi located in Nazmir.


  • Ability ironmaidens bloodritual.png  Grasp of G'huun G'huun has you in its grasp. There is no escape.
  • Artifactability blooddeathknight umbilicuseternus.png  Blood Burst — Inflicts Shadow damage to enemies in the impact area.
  • Spell priest void blast.png  Psionic Pulse — Inflicts Shadow damage to all enemies.

Objective of


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  • GRAAAGH! You are NOTHING against G'huun! Suffer and DIE!
  • Your efforts... meaningless. I am... untouchable.
  • Come.
  • I speak... for G'huun. He... will lead. You... will serve... or die.
  • Stop.
  • This loa's husk... feeds me. Feeds... G'huun.
  • Yes... struggle... resist... G'huun hungers... for your... suffering.
  • Your efforts... futile... I am... untouch--what? No. NO!


  • During the alpha, he was called avatar of G'huun, not herald.[1] His name was also Ju'ngo.

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