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AllianceJust Ask Alice

27 (Requires 25)





Recover the BD-816 War Apparatus, Mechanized Fire, Mechanized Ice and Mechanized Air.


Mr. P is sick, <mister/miss>. Won't you help him? All you have to do is find his hat and batteries and he'll be all better. I'd go get them myself, but I can't leave Mr. P alone!

His hat was stolen by the meanies in the Venture Co. over at the water wheel and his batteries are hidden around Windshear Crag. You'll just have to look real hard for those!

Would you kindly bring Mr. P's stuff back so he can teach those baddies in the Horde a lesson?


Mr. P is so sad. We need to make him happy!


<Alice claps excitedly.>

Mr. P you're gonna be ok! Hooray!

<Alice expertly places all of the parts you collected into Big Papa.>

Oh, Mr. P! I knew it!


Requires completion of a quest chain in Ashenvale from Stardust Spire before becoming available.

  1. A [25] To the Spire or A [25] Hero's Call: Stonetalon Mountains! (optional breadcrumb quests)
  2. A [25] They Took Our Gnomes / A [25] Ze Gnomecorder
  3. A [25] They Set Them Up The Bomb
  4. A [25] Do Yourself a Favor
  5. A [25] The Only Way Down is in a Body Bag
  6. A [25] Return to Stardust

Gnomecorder and Mine:

  1. A [26] Field Test: Gnomecorder
  2. A [26] Burn, Baby, Burn!
  3. A [26] Bombs Away: Windshear Mine!
  4. A [26] Don't Look Them in the Eyes

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