Just Following Orders

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NeutralJust Following Orders



The Oracles (to Friendly)


6g 50s


N [77] Hoofing It



Locate an Injured Rainspeaker Oracle for High-Shaman Rakjak at Frenzyheart Hill.

  • Locate Injured Rainspeaker Oracle


Okay <guy/lady>, Rakjak have very important job. You go capture injured big-tongue that tracker spotted at river to north.

Not bring hunter this time because they maybe want to just kill it. I want to hide it so that I can poke it and make it tell me things.

Go you and bring me big-tongue prize thing.


You will receive: 6g 50s


<The Injured Rainspeaker Oracle groans in pain.>

Gossip <Reach down and pull the Injured Rainspeak Oracle to its feet.>

You hear a low guttural growl from nearby.
You kill the Ravenous Mangal Crocolisk.
The Injured Rainspeaker Oracle rises clumsily to its feet.


No kill me please! We was just looking for fish. We not want to die.

Shaman Vekjik comes out of the underbrush nearby.
Shaman Vekjik says: You help Rainspeaker! I saw you help Rainspeaker! Traitor thing!
Shaman Vekjik says: If you want to be friends with big-tongues, you not friends with Frenzyheart! I tell village! We no trust you anymore!
Shaman Vekjik scurries off towards Frenzyheart Hill.


You can find an Oracle on the island just north of Frenzyheart Hill.

A crocolisk spawns that you will need to kill, but doing so will also alert Shaman Vekjik, who calls you a traitor and makes you hostile to the Frenzyheart Tribe and friendly to the Oracles.


  1. N [76] The Part-time Hunter (optional)
  2. N [77] Playing Along
  3. Complete both to continue:
  4. Complete both to continue:
  5. N [77] Flown the Coop!
  6. Complete both to continue:
  7. N [77] A Rough Ride
  8. Complete both to continue:
  9. N [77] Hoofing It
  10. N [77] Just Following Orders
  11. N [77] Fortunate Misunderstandings
  12. Complete both to continue:
  13. N [77] Making Peace
  14. N [77] Back So Soon?
  15. Complete both to continue:
  16. N [77] Home Time!
  17. N [77] The Angry Gorloc
  18. Complete both to continue:
  19. N [77] A Hero's Burden
  20. Choose then ONE of these quests to become aligned with any of the factions:

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