Just Trying to Kill Some Bugs

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NeutralJust Trying to Kill Some Bugs
Start Zeke Bootscuff
End Zeke Bootscuff
Level 47 (Requires 45)
Experience 7550
Rewards  [Pendant of the Gaping Chasm] or  [Mostly-Amazing Gloves] or  [Bootscuff Boots] or  [Bootlegger Legplates]
1g 35s (+45s at max level)
Shareable Yes
Next A [47] Land's End


Talk to Narain Soothfancy to pilot the Mind-Controlled Swarmer into the Gaping Chasm hive.


Now it's time for my plan to go into full effect. We've got the captured bug strapped up with as many explosives as it can carry, and with Soothfancy's mostly amazing mental powers, we're gonna drive that sucker straight down into the center of the underground hive.

And then...BOOM! No more bugs!

You get the personal honor of directin' the ugly thing. Go talk to Narain and get set up with your bug-pal.


Choose your reward:
Inv jewelry necklace 06.png [Pendant of the Gaping Chasm] Inv gauntlets 118v2.png [Mostly-Amazing Gloves]
Inv boots mail 15.png [Bootscuff Boots] Inv pants plate 38v1.png [Bootlegger Legplates]

You will receive: 1g 35s (+45s at max level) +350 Reputation with Ratchet, Gadgetzan, Booty Bay and Everlook




Oh man, that was awesome! You should've seen the flames coming out of the hive!

Here's your reward, for entertaining me as much as for clearing the hive!

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