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Image of Kaddrak
Race Titanic watcher (Uncategorized)
Location The Tribunal of Ages, Halls of Stone
Status Defeatable
For the subzone in Halls of Stone, see The Tribunal of Ages.


  • Security breach in progress. Analysis of historical archives transferred to lower-priority queue. Countermeasures engaged.
  • Target destroyed.
  • Accessing. Creators arrived to extirpate symbiotic infection. Assessment revealed that Old God infestation had grown malignant. Excising parasites would result in loss of host--
  • Correct. Creators neutralized parasitic threat and contained it within the host. Forge of Wills and other systems were instituted to create new Earthen. Safeguards were implemented and protectors were appointed.
  • Designations: Aesir and Vanir or in common nomenclator Storm and Earth Giants. Sentinel Loken designated supreme. Dragon Aspects appointed to monitor evolution of Azeroth.


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