Kaelynara Sunchaser (quest)

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AllianceKaelynara Sunchaser
Start Archmage Elandra [51.7, 50.5]
End Vindicator Doruu [51.6, 50.5]
Level 96 (Requires 95)
Category Talador
Experience 20450
Rewards Item level 557 cloaks
27g 60s
Previous A [96] An'dure The Giant


Confront Kaelynara Sunchaser.


The focusing crystal is complete, <name>. When you are ready I will use the crystal to shatter Kaelynara's shield.

However, it is unsafe to confront her within the mine. The moment her shield is down I will teleport us to a safe location outside of the Jorune Mine. She will be much easier to deal with when she is far away from the crystal.

Speak with me when you are ready to begin.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Item level 557 cloaks
Inv cape draenorquest90 b 03 mail.png [Kaelynara's Traveling Cloak] Inv cape draenorquest90 b 01 cloth.png [Kaelynara's Scarf]
Inv cape draenorquest90 b 03 mail.png [Kaelynara's Drape] Inv cape draenorquest90 b 03 mail.png [Kaelynara's Rugged Cloak]
Inv cape draenorquest90 b 01 cloth.png [Kaelynara's Manaweave Cloak]

You will also receive: 27g 60s


Are you prepared to confront Kaelynara?


A wise elder of my order once told me, "True power is the strength to act and the wisdom to know when not to act." May those words and the memory of Kaelynara stay with you on your journey, <name>.

On complete:

Archmage Elandra says: Thank you for your aid, <name>. I hope we meet again.


  • 20450 XP


Gossip I am ready to confront Kaelynara.

Archmage Elandra says: Stand ready, <name>. As soon as her shield is broken I will teleport us out of the mine.
Vindicator Doruu says: My vindicators will handle things here. May the Light return you both in safety.
Archmage Elandra yells: This madness ends now, Kaelynara! We will not allow you to cause further destruction!
Kaelynara Sunchaser yells: Wait...what are you...?! Nooooo!!
The two mages and the player are teleported to the surface, the Garden of K'ure in Shattrath City.
Kaelynara Sunchaser says: You fools! I will make you pay for this interruption!
Archmage Elandra says: <Name>, I can only channel this barrier for a short time. You must defeat Kaelynara before it is too late!
Kaelynara Sunchaser says: Enough! Once I dispose of you interlopers nothing will stand in my way!

Defeat her.

Kaelynara Sunchaser says: No! It was not supposed to happen...this way...
Archmage Elandra says: True arcane mastery only comes with patience and dedication. Kaelynara was naive to think otherwise...
Archmage Elandra says: When you are ready, I will teleport you back to Jorune Mine, <name>.

Loot the  [Tear-stained Letter] from Kaelynara's corpse, which reads:

Tear-stained Letter


    It is with some regret that I must inform you that I am relieving you of your duties as my apprentice. I blame myself for being mistaken of your potential; I hope you can understand that even the most talented of mages sometimes make mistakes. At least now you can put your ineptitude behind you and pursue a more reasonable goal. Perhaps basket weaving may prove more suitable for your...talents.

    Unfortunately I do not associate myself with any basket weavers specifically and am too busy to write you a recommendation. Please return to Azeroth at your soonest convenience.


Speak with Elandra to return to the mine:

Gossip I am ready to return to the Jorune Mine.


  1. B [96] Every Bit Counts
  2. N [96] Trouble In The Mine
  3. Complete both:
  4. B [96] An'dure The Giant
  5. B [96] Kaelynara Sunchaser

Patches and hotfixes

  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2014-11-15): "Resolved an issue where characters were unable to return to their bodies in Spirit Form if they die inside the Jorune Mines."
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Added.

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