Kai-Lin Honeydew

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HordeKai-Lin Honeydew
Image of Kai-Lin Honeydew
Gender Female
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 85
Health 158,079
Location Honeydew Glade, Jade Forest
Relative(s) Mayor Honeydew, Siat Honeydew

Kai-Lin Honeydew is a level 85 pandaren that can be found in Honeydew Glade, in the Jade Forest. When the battle between the Alliance forces of Thunder Hold and the Horde crew of the Hellscream's Fist broke out, she was traveling with Gi-Oh to Dawn's Blossom. They found Kiryn unconscious after the crash of the gunship, and Kai-Lin tried and succeeded to wake her.



Gossip text
All manner of strange creatures are just... falling from the sky!
While trying to help Kiryn
She took a pretty nasty spill. the damage is horrific! I haven't been able to wake her.
Oh! You mean she looked like this before the crash?!
Hmm, I have an idea. An old brewmaster trick...
There we go! Good as new... I guess...

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