Kaida the Bloodletter

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MobKaida the Bloodletter
Image of Kaida the Bloodletter
Race Mogu (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 787,000
Location Court of Bones, Isle of Thunder [35.0, 48.3]
Status Killable


  • Bloodstorm — Attacks nearby enemies in a whirlwind, dealing 32,375 to 37,625 Physical damage and an additional 27,000 damage over 6 sec. Bloodstorm can stack up to 3 times. 2 sec cast.
  • Blood Drain 50 yd range Channeled. Shows a bonus action button which must be used to break out of the stun.


Step out of Bloodstorm when he starts channeling the whirlwind, and spam the bonus action button that appears when he casts Blood Drain.




  • Once the incision is made, the blood flows quickly.
  • Yes, come closer, little one. My scalpel thirsts for your blood.
  • Come closer. Just a little cut, I promise!

Blood Drain:

  • You're O negative, right?


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