Kal'tik the Blight

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MobKal'tik the Blight
Image of Kal'tik the Blight
Race Mantid (Humanoid)
Level 91 Rare
Health 4,075,320
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Status Killable

Kal'tik the Blight is a level 91 rare mantid found north-west of the Setting Sun Garrison in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Kal'tik is a pandarian champion.



The Mantid will cover this land, and devour all who oppose use[sic]!


All mantid champions use the following abilities:

  • Ability rogue slicedice.png  Blade Flurry — Swing weapons rapidly, inflicing Physical damage in a cone in front of the caster. 1.5 sec cast, 4 sec duration, 7 sec cooldown.
  • Ability druid galewinds.png  Tornado — Summons a Tornado at the enemy's location. 1.8 sec cast.
  • Spell frost windwalkon.png  Windsong — Renders the caster immune to roots and snares and increases attack speed by 55% and movement speed by 55%. 1 sec cast, 6 sec duration.


Kal'tik the Blight always drops one of the following:

And has a chance to drop one or both of the following:


As a Pandarian champion, defeating Kal'tik the Blight is part of the following achievements:

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