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Main leader  Warlord Kao
Secondary leaders  Vilnak'dor
Race(s) MoguMogu Mogu
Capital Unknown
Base of operations Warport Rastari, Temple of the Prophet
Theater of operations Zuldazar
Affiliation Mogu empire, Atal'zul (as allies)
Status Active

The Kao-Tien mogu led by Warlord Kao and Vilnak'dor attacked the Zandalari at Warport Rastari in Zuldazar in order to take the land for themselves. In truth, it was a distraction so that Zul could begin his coup against Rastakhan.[1] At the Temple of the Prophet and the Temple of Rezan, more mogu appeared to aid Zul after his rebellion became public.

The Shado-Pan followed the mogu to Zandalar and spied on them at Warport Rastari.[2]

When Zul and Mythrax attacked Zuldazar, Kao-Tien units accompanied them.




Notes and trivia

  • The spells they use reference Lei Shen.
  • During the alpha, their group was named was Kao-Ren.


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