Kar Warmaker

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HordeKar Warmaker
Image of Kar Warmaker
Title <Champion of Arms>
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 91 Rare
Class Warrior
Health 4,890,384
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Domination Point, Krasarang Wilds
Status Killable

Kar Warmaker is one of three Horde champions at Domination Point in southwestern Krasarang Wilds. He spawns at either the east or the south entrance to the main courtyard every 45 minutes to an hour.


  • Spell shaman earthquake.png  Cracking Blow 40 yd range — Inflicts 60% of the target's health as Physical damage along a line in front of the caster. 1.5 sec cast. Uninterruptible.
  • Ability heroicleap.png  Heroic Leap 15-50 yd range — Leap at a target, inflicting Physical damage at the impact location. 1.5 sec cast.
  • Ability warrior sunder.png  Sunder Armor Melee range — Reduces armor by 5% for 15 sec. Stacks. Instant.


Kar hits for around 20k a swing on cloth, but his special will do 60% of total health in a marked area of effect in a line a few yards wide stretching 40 yards in front of him. Quickly sidestep to get out of the way, then resume attacking. If possible to circle-strafe around him, do so, as the spell graphic does not always match up with the area of effect. Don't stay too far away from him, as he'll Heroic Leap to close the gap.


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