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Karazhan (film universe)

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For the main universe version, see Karazhan.
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This article contains information and lore exclusive to the Warcraft film universe, which is considered to be separate from the main Warcraft universe canon.

Karazhan (also known as the Tower of Karazhan)[1] is a tower located in Deadwind Pass, in Azeroth. The traditional home of the Guardian of Azeroth, the tower also housed, until a few years ago, a large community of servants and caretakers to provide for the Guardian's needs,[citation needed]  but had recently been home only to the current Guardian Medivh and the castellan Moroes. It was built on a nexus of ley lines, fuel for powerful magic. It is designed to be the best place for creating new spells.[2]

Following the death of Medivh, the tower was the center of a massive explosion of fel magic, as Khadgar purged the fel from both the Guardian and the tower's font. The explosion killed much of the life in the surrounding area, and emptied the font.[3]


Karazhan was inhabited only by Medivh and Moroes, until their deaths.



  • The tower's lower levels include a huge library, possibly larger even than those of the Kirin Tor.[4] The Eye of the Kirin Tor is seen in many of the building's decorations.
  • Karazhan's appearance in Warcraft differs significantly from that in World of Warcraft, making it one of the only locations to do so. Its exterior appearance is very different. Its main tower extends many levels into the air, with magical lines clearly visible radiating outward from the top chamber and arcing across the sky. With its back set to the mountains, Karazhan does not have an exterior village, but does extend into the mountains.



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