Katana and wakizashi

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Katana and wakizashi (samurai swords or Japanese swords) are one of the many forms of swords and daggers. But behind stats, katana and wakizashi are very desirable for their appearance as part of a roleplaying outfit.

They are often used by SI:7 agents.

List of katana and wakizashi

There are six models of katana (one and two-hand swords) and one model of wakizashi (dagger). Some swords represent wooden katana (bokken).

One-hand sword. Model I

These are curved ones.

One-hand sword. Model II

These are straight ones.

One-hand sword. Model III

Two-hand sword. Model I

Two-hand sword. Model II

Two-hand sword. Model III


† - No longer obtainable after Cataclysm
‡ - No longer obtainable after Mists of Pandaria


  • Katana (and wakizashi) is (are) very suited to ninja or bandit transformation form (Flip Out buff from  [Savory Deviate Delight])