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The Keep Cannon is a siege defense device that uses the vehicle interface in the Isle of Conquest battleground. They are found on top of the outer towers of the Alliance Keep and Horde Keep, with each tower hosting six cannons.

Keep Cannon
Image of Keep Cannon
Race Cannon (Mechanical)
Level 79 - 90 Elite
Location Isle of Conquest
Vehicle This vehicle can be mounted.



Fire damage values are approximates for level 90 battlegrounds.

  •    Rocket Blast 10-70 yd range — Fires a massive rocket into the distance, dealing 45,500 damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the explosion. Instant. (2 cooldown)
  •    Incendiary Rocket 10-70 yd range — Fires a rocket full of napalm towards the targeted location. The napalm burns all enemies within 5 yards of that location for 15,500 Fire damage per second for 15 sec. Instant. (30 cooldown)

Level Brackets

The level, health, and damage of this vehicle scales to the highest level of each battleground level bracket.

Level Bracket Health Rocket Blast Incendiary Rocket
89 1,307,000
90 1,575,000 45,500 15,500


  • Alliance defenders do not have a clear line of sight to smaller enemy vehicles assaulting the east and west Alliance Keep Gates. You can still inflict AoE damage with both attacks, but Rocket Blast's damage will be more than halved.


Related achievements

  • Using one of these to kill (cumulatively) 10 vehicles and 100 players is a requirement for   [Mowed Down]

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