Keep Them off the Front

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NeutralKeep Them off the Front
Start Pyrium Lodestone
End Pyrium Lodestone
Level 83 (Requires 81)
Category Deepholm
Experience 43900
Rewards 8g 60s
Previous N [83] Close Escort
Next N [83] Reactivate the Constructs, N [83] Mystic Masters


Bombard 30 Fungal Terrors and/or Trogg Reinforcements.

  • Reinforcements bombarded x30


Oh good, you brought another catapult with you. Clay might be older than dirt, but he makes a mean war machine.

Well, you didn't bring it all the way out here for your health, flesh bag. Get in one of those things and bombard the fungal terrors and reinforcements steaming out of Needlerock Slag.

We have to keep them off the front!


You will receive: 8g 60s


Get back in a catapult and put those things back in the ground. The line's barely holding!


That's a great start, <name>, but we're going to need you to fly over into the town and stir up some trouble.


Hop in. The catapult has one ability, seen earlier in N [83] Close Escort:

  • Fire Catapult 100 yd range — Fires an exploding geode round at the Stone Trogg Reinforcements and Fungal Terrors out to 100 yards. Instant

The shells hit for upward of 43,000 damage, so unload. Killing 30 will automatically drop the player out of the catapult.


  1. N [82] Where's Goldmine?
  2. N [82] Explosive Bonding Compound / N [82] Something that Burns
  3. N [82] Apply and Flash Dry
  4. N [82] Take Him to the Earthcaller
  5. N [82] To Stonehearth's Aid
  6. N [82] The Quaking Fields
  7. N [82] The Axe of Earthly Sundering / N [82] Elemental Ore
  8. N [83] One With the Ground
  9. N [82] Bring Down the Avalanche
  10. Complete all of:
  11. N [82] Shatter Them! / N [82] Battlefront Triage / N [82] Fixer Upper
  12. N [83] Troggzor the Earthinator
  13. N [83] Rush Delivery
  14. N [83] Close Escort
  15. N [83] Keep Them off the Front
  16. N [83] Reactivate the Constructs / N [83] Mystic Masters
  17. N [83] Down Into the Chasm
  18. N [83] Sprout No More / N [83] Fungal Monstrosities
  19. N [83] A Slight Problem
  20. N [83] Rescue the Stonefather... and Flint
  21. N [83] The Hero Returns
  22. N [83] The Middle Fragment

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