Keeping Up Appearances

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NeutralKeeping Up Appearances
Start Shauly Pore
End Shauly Pore
Level 69 (Requires 67)
Category Netherstorm
Experience 12300
Rewards 4g 10s
Next N [69] The Dynamic Duo


Bring 10 Ripfang Lynx Pelts to Shauly Pore at Midrealm Post.


The ethereals are clever and very observant, so it's no accident that I'm here posing as a simple furrier. In fact, I've been sent from Area 52 to appraise the technology the ethereals use to generate their eco-domes.

I'd like to enlist your help, <class>. We've been asked to use non-goblin agents whenever possible.

What I want you to do is bring me a number of ripfang lynx pelts in the guise of a hunter. You can find the lynxes all over Eco-Dome Midrealm.


You will receive: 4g 10s


<Shauly raises his voice so as to catch the attention of the ethereals in the area.>

Have any pelts to sell me?


<Shauly makes a show of admiring the skins.>

These are magnificent, utterly magnificent! I'll pay you top coin for these! How much to retain your services?


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


  1. N [69] Keeping Up Appearances
  2. N [69] The Dynamic Duo
  3. N [69] Retrieving the Goods

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