Keepsake of Remembrance

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The Keepsake of Remembrance is a personal item belonging to the lich Ras Frostwhisper and is used to restore his mortality.


This item is contained in Keepsake of Remembrance. This item is provided for the following quests:

As a quest objective

This item is an objective for the following quests:

As an object

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The Keepsake of Remembrance is located at Stromgarde Keep in Arathi Highlands. Only one book exists at a time, and it has several different places where it spawns. It can be found in some of the fireplaces of the intact houses in the southeast corner (one lower, one upper tier). It can also appear at the top of the tower, located in the bottom left corner of Stromgarde Keep, guarded by ogres. These examples are not exhaustive. It can also appear in a fireplace in the southwest corner, guarded by ogres.

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