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Kelfin Scout

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NeutralKelfin Scout
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Gender Male
Race Gilgoblin (Humanoid)
Level 120
Health 321,956
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Scout
Location Ashen Strand & Zanj'ir Wash, Nazjatar

Kelfin Scouts are gilgoblins riding on his golden snapdragon in Ashen Strand and Zanj'ir Wash in Nazjatar. They are seen in pairs or with a Unshackled Protector.


  • A band of naga slavers has invaded the area. Tear those snakes apart!
  • Better me... than you...
  • Catching my breath... you got this...
  • Hey, you think you can convince that guy to come along and crush more of the naga? He made it look easy.
  • Hrngh! One hit... too many...
  • Just need... a second...
  • No living thing deserves to be enslaved by Azshara. Break the chains! Break the slavers! Break the naga!
  • Oof! Need... a second...
  • That was... a good one...
  • Think I'll... let you have this one...
  • This... is my fault...
  • Uh, do you know a huge guy made of water? Has an army of elementals? He's asking for you. Better not keep him waiting.


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