Keynira Owlwing

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AllianceKeynira Owlwing
Image of Keynira Owlwing
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 14
Class Rogue
Health 300
Wealth 10c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Darkshore [59.0, 19.0]
Status Alive

Keynira Owlwing is a night elf sneaking around the Shatterspear, who then reports back to the night elf camp where she does a /flirt emote at her boss Mathas Wildwood. He then tells her that she did not gather enough information and sends her back to the field.


Mathas Wildwood says: What can you tell me, Keynira?
Keynira Owlwing says: The catapults remain disabled. I've burned several and trapped the others.
Mathas Wildwood says: That will do for the moment. And the tower? What of Althalaxx?
Keynira Owlwing says: I - I don't know. There's movement in the ruins.
Mathas Wildwood says: That's all you've got for me? I want numbers, locations, intentions - we're as good as blind. Get back out in the field!
Shhhh - Please don't give away my position when I'm out in the field. Mathas needs to know what's happening out here.

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