Kezan Socialite

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NeutralKezan Socialite
Image of Kezan Socialite
Gender Female
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 1-20
Reaction Horde
Affiliation(s) Bilgewater Cartel
Location Gallywix's Villa, Kezan[17.3, 40.6]
With Bilgewater tabard.

Kezan Socialites can be found at Gallywix's Villa in Kezan, enjoying the use of his pool and hospitality, at least while it lasts.


  • This is the Trade Prince's party, sweetie. Invite only!
  • Yeah? Whadya want?
  • I don't talk to no trash!
  • <Name>, right? Word of advice: don't let the Trade Prince catch you around here. He knows you're after his job.
Everyone knows.
  • You're not quite in my league, honey.
  • I didn't talk to you back in school and I'm sure not going to start now.
  • Yes. I'd love a refill. Fetch one and be quick about it.
  • That's an interesting... "outfit" you're wearing.
  • Oh, you're just disgusting! Why is it always the ugly ones that try to pickup on me?!
  • What are we calling you things these days? Brutes? Hobgoblins?
I can't keep it straight. Get out of here.
  • What smells around here? Oh, that'd be you.
Beat it!
  • What's your name?
I guess it's a good thing you brutes can't talk. Otherwise, I'd have to tell the Trade Prince how you annoyed me.
Now scram!
  • Oh no you did not just talk to me!
  • A mook?! I don't speak to brutes. How dare you!
  • Touch me one more time and I'll make sure that they send you to the Undermine!
  • You're big and strong. But you need a bath. Go jump in the pool.

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