Khan Leh'Prah

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NeutralKhan Leh'Prah
Image of Khan Leh'Prah
Gender Male
Race Centaur (Humanoid)
Level 35
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Kolkar
Location Karnum's Glade, Desolace[58.3, 50.0]
Status Alive

Khan Leh'Prah (also spelt Leh'prah)[1] is among the last of the Kolkar tribe of centaur, who once controlled all of eastern Desolace.

Leh'Prah had a dream in which the forces of the Burning Blade descended upon the Kolkar land and overran it. That dream later came true, and all but a handful of his people were slaughtered. The forces of the Cenarion Circle found him near death and brought him to what is now Karnum's Glade in the Cenarion Wildlands.

As a result of his interactions with the Cenarion Circle, Leh'Prah says he has seen the future. He now seeks to unite the Magram and Gelkis centaur in order to combat the corruption taking place in Desolace.


  • Battle Stance
  • Heroic Strike



Karnum's Glade

I have been shown the future, <race>.

Centaur lands will be forever corrupted if we fail to act quickly


Steady yourself, friend...

These next hours shall determine the fate of our clans.

Shadowbreak Ravine

Voctory[sic] is ours, <name>!


  • His storyline seems to be a re-imagining of that of the Centaur Pariah.

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