Khan Shaka

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Not to be confused with Shaka or Shaka (ancient).
MobKhan Shaka
Image of Khan Shaka
Gender Male
Race Centaur (Humanoid)
Level 37
Health 1,500
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Gelkis Clan Centaur
Location Desolace[39.9, 95]

Khan Shaka was the leader of the Gelkis clan centaurs and once found in Gelkis Village of Desolace.

When Cataclysm was released, Shaka was replaced with Khan Shodo by reasons unknown.

Objective of


  • His name is likely a reference to Chaka Khan, or perhaps more related to his nature of war and violence, his name is a combination of Khan, a Mongol title, and Shaka Zulu, a very powerful African leader.

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Preceded by:
Khan of the Gelkis clan
Succeeded by:
Khan Shodo