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Khaz'gorian Smithing Hammer

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  • Khaz'gorian Smithing Hammer
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Use: Allows the user to repair a piece of their equipment instantly. (1 Hour Cooldown)
  • When crafting blacksmithing armor or weapons, there's a chance it will be given the "Indestructible" property.
  • Requires Level 110
  • Requires Kul Tiran Blacksmithing (150)
  • "This hammer may be used in lieu of a normal blacksmith hammer for crafting."

The Khaz'gorian Hammer is created with Blacksmithing (150); taught by  [Recipe: Khaz'gorian Smithing Hammer].

Materials required:
Inv azerite area denial.png 30x [Titan's Blood] Trade archaeology hairpinsilvermalachite.png 1x [Precision Blessing Tools]
Creatureportrait fomorhand.png 1x [Azerokk's Fist] Inv ore stormsilver.png 25x [Storm Silver Ore]
Inv ore platinum.png 15x [Platinum Ore] Inv expulsom.png 10x [Expulsom]

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