Kidnapped Mind Slave

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MobKidnapped Mind Slave
Image of Kidnapped Mind Slave
Gender Both
Race(s) Vulpera, Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level 110 - 120
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Slave
Location Sandfury Hideout, Vol'dun
Status Killable

Kidnapped Mind Slaves are vulpera and Zandalari trolls being mind-controlled by Sandfury Mindthieves in the Sandfury Hideout in Vol'dun. Some are being forced to fight each other for the entertainment of Sandfury Bandits, while Gozda'kun the Slaver uses another group of Mind Slaves (living and dead both) as targets to throw spears at. If a Mindthief is attacked, the Mind Slaves under their control will turn hostile and attack the player, but if the Mindthief is killed, the slaves will immediately turn friendly, attack and kill any other nearby Sandfury trolls, and then run away into the desert and despawn. Similarly, Gozda'kun's Mind Slaves will turn friendly and flee as soon as the Slaver is killed.


  • Inv relics totemofrage.png  Uppercut — Strikes the target for Physical damage, knocking them down.
Controlled by Sandfury Mindthieves
  • Spell nature focusedmind.png  Mind Slave — Control the mind of a nearby slave, forcing it to serve you.


When freed
  • Finally free!
  • The Sandfury will pay for this!
  • They made me kill those traders... I couldn't stop.
  • Where am I?


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