Kill the Courier

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NeutralKill the Courier
Start Farseer Tooranu
End Farseer Tooranu
Level 85 (Requires 84)
Type Dungeon
Category Grim Batol
Experience 138800
Reputation +350 Earthen Ring
Rewards one of:  [Sandals of the Courier],
 [Helm of Secret Knowledge],
 [Tooranu's Spaulders]
37g 60s
Shareable Yes


Kill Drahga Shadowburner and grab his Missive to Cho'gall.


Thank you, <class>, for braving the horrors of this dark and terrible place.

The bowels of Grim Batol are the heart of Cho'gall's war machine. If we are to stop his machinations throughout the Highlands, we must learn all we can from these depths.

Seek out Drahga Shadowburner within. He is Cho'gall's runner, the link between here and the Bastion of Twilight. We must learn the secrets he carries.

("Drahga Shadowburner: He is Cho'gall's eyes and ears in Grim Batol. We must learn his secrets.")


What have you discovered, <class>?


<Tooranu looks over the documents you discovered.>

It's all here, <name>. Details of how the cult is tearing up the Highlands, who they've sent, where they are, and what they plan to do. Invaluable.

I shall distribute this knowledge to the rest of the Earthen Ring at once. Thank you, friend.


You will receive:

And one of:

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