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Kimberly LeCrone[1] (also known as Vaeflare) is a Blizzard employee. She is a Media Artist within Story and Franchise Development (formerly known as Cinematics) and Video and Post Production team.[2] She also does painting and sculpting.[3]

As community manager

Vaeflare's avatar
Her first avatar.

Kimberly LeCrone was a Community Manager under the name Vaeflare from 2009 to 2015[2] for World of Warcraft, and later Diablo III and Heroes of the Storm. Her old avatar was Soo-holu, as the avatar's background is in Sholazar Basin.

Her second avatar.


Vaeflare is part of the Community Team that won "Best Community Management team" at Dragon*Con 2012.[4]


  • Enjoys having a massage from the onsite masseuse at Blizzard.[5]
  • She held the microphone for Red Shirt Guy at BlizzCon 2010.[6]
  • She is the owner of the Blizzard Community Cat.[7]
  • She plays a druid.[8]
  • Vaeflare's birthday is November 7th.[9]
  • Kimberly LeCrone's name is listed in the credits of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void under "Video & Post-Production, Filming & Capture".[10]


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