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Image of Kimilyn
Title <Forged in Flame>
Gender Female
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 100 Elite
Class Shadow priest
Health 1,174,245
Mana 505,640
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Ashran
Status Killable

Kimilyn is one of the Horde Captains that spawn in Ashran. A random Horde Captain will spawn each time the Horde reinforcements total reaches 200 or 100.

She later went on to appear at Raven's Glory, the Black Rook Hold arena.


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Kimilyn is a tribute to the player known by the same name from the guild <Forged in Flame>, who died around August 2014.[1][2] The NPC currently wears the same gear worn by the player character Kimilyn.[3]

Likely because of this, Kimilyn serve as an additional Captain for the Horde side, bringing their total to 14, above the Alliance's 13. She is not included in the Horde [Take Them Out] achievement, likely since this would make the achievement harder for the Alliance to earn than for the Horde.


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  • Forged in flame, my power knows no bounds, my allies fear nothing!
  • My body has fallen, but my spirit rises. I will always be with you.

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