King Ping

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MobKing Ping
Image of King Ping
Race Penguin (Beast)
Level 71 Rare
Health 13,936
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Howling Fjord

King Ping is a Level 71 Rare Elite Penguin found on the western islands of Howling Fjord.

King Ping is a slightly larger penguin that can usually be found around Scalawag Point. He is noted to be one of the hardest Northrend mobs to find, despite having a 24 hour spawn rate (unconfirmed), as players are often doing the Kalu'ak daily quest which takes place directly where he spawns, so he doesn't stay unslain for long.

Notable loot


King Ping is a criteria of the achievements:


  • He may be the same as or related to the grand Penguin King.
  • King Ping's name likely comes from the word Kingpin, a high ranking official. The "Ping" part could just be there to make it rhyme or it could come from the children's television show Pingu which stars a clay penguin as the main character. The "Ping" part could relate to how penguins resemble bowling pins. The entire name King Ping might be a reference to the fictional giant gorilla King Kong who had a similar relationship of size with real-life gorillas as King Ping has to penguins, though on a larger scale. He also might be a reference to the recurrent boss from Nintendo's Kirby games, King Dedede, who resembles a large penguin.

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